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Whilst current clinical decision support systems typically improve clinical decisions overall, there are significant risks that clinicians can be misled in certain settings or circumstances, to make poorer decisions. The CRE is developing the next generation in evidence-based decision support technologies, engineered to minimise risks with current systems that can mislead users, or fit poorly into practice. The CRE is also pioneering the use of these technologies to support systematic review teams.

Quick Clinic IconThe CRE has developed Quick Clinical, an evidence retrieval system to meet the needs of clinicians and consumers. The system is based on customisable search filters to support tasks such as prescribing and test ordering. Quick Clinical was developed in collaboration with Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd (TGL).

Video presentation

Dr Guy Tsafnat, Centre for Health Informatics, presentation and discussion on  ‘Automated snowballing’ at the 2nd #Cochrane Tech Symposium 20 September 2014.

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