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Coiera E, Magrabi F, Talmon J. Engineering technology resilience through informatics safety science [Editorial]. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2017; 24(2):244-5.

With every year that passes, our relationship to information technology becomes more complex, and our dependence deeper. Technology is our great ally, promising greater efficiency and productivity. It also promises greater safety for our patients. However, this relationship with technology can sometimes be a brittle one. We can quickly cross a safety gap from a

Arguel A, Perez‐Concha O, Li SY, Lau A. Theoretical approaches of online social network interventions and implications for behavioral change: A systematic review. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. 2016; (Oct 6. doi: 10.1111/jep.12655. [Epub ahead of print]).

Abstract RATIONAL, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The aim of this review was to identify general theoretical frameworks used in online social network interventions for behavioral change. To address this research question, a PRISMA-compliant systematic review was conducted. METHODS: A systematic review (PROSPERO registration number CRD42014007555) was conducted using 3 electronic databases (PsycINFO, Pubmed, and Embase). Four

Kim MO, Coiera E, Magrabi F. Problems with health information technology and their effects on care delivery and patient outcomes: a systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2016:ocw154.

Abstract Objective: To systematically review studies reporting problems with information technology (IT) in health care and their effects on care delivery and patient outcomes. Materials and methods: We searched bibliographic databases including Scopus, PubMed, and Science Citation Index Expanded from January 2004 to December 2015 for studies reporting problems with IT and their effects. A framework

G. Tsafnat, P. Glasziou, M. K. Choong, A. Dunn, F. Galgani and E. Coiera. (2014). Systematic review automation technologies. Syst Rev (Vol. 3, pp. 74).

Abstract: Systematic reviews, a cornerstone of evidence-based medicine, are not produced quickly enough to support clinical practice. The cost of production, availability of the requisite expertise and timeliness are often quoted as major contributors for the delay. This detailed survey of the state of the art of information systems designed to support or automate individual