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Past conferences

Past conferences and their papers are listed below for your information.

HIC 2013 Digital Health Service Delivery – The Future Is Now

15 – 18 Jul 2013, Adelaide
As Australia’s largest e-health and health informatics conference, the HIC program will include around 150 presentations over 4 days. Run by the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA), this conference is designed for consumers, clinician, designers, and technologists.

HIC2013 Program PDF – 1730KB
Patient safety risks associated with e-health PDF – 5031KB

HIC 2012 Health Informatics – ‘Building a Healthcare Future through Trusted Information’

30 July – 2 Aug 2012, Sydney
Of the 482 unique job titles that HIC2012 delegates listed as their occupation, 19 of them had the term informatics in them. Amongst them were academic titles, clinical roles and some managerial titles such as Director of Health Informatics, Director of Nursing Informatics and Manager Health Informatics. Is this good enough in raising the profile of our profession? See what Dr Louise Schaffer CEO HISA Australia wrote in regards to Prof Enrico Coiera’s twitterverses!

Health Informatics Professionals_Pulse+IT Article PDF – 1244KB