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Bond University

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Professor Glasziou is a world leader in Evidence-Based Medicine. His research has influenced (A) numerous guidelines and clinical policies and practice (antibiotics, cardiovascular, screening, clinical monitoring); (B) changes to “rules of evidence” (JAMA User guides, NHMRC guides, GRADE collaboration, clinical monitoring) and (C) guidelines for reporting research (STARD for diagnostic tests, PRISMA for abstracts of meta-analyses, TIDIER for intervention descriptions).

He has authored over 400 publications, including 250 peer reviewed research papers. He is the author of six books related to evidence based practice: Systematic Reviews in Health Care, Decision Making in Health Care and Medicine: integrating evidence and values, An Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook, Clinical Thinking: Evidence, Communication and Decision-making, Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM, and Evidence-Based Medical Monitoring: Principles and Practice.

Qualifications: MBBS (Queensland, 1978); PhD (1984)

Address: Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University Queensland 4229

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